Expertise of members

Important notice

The list of members of the Association of Veterinary Consultants provides also information on the areas of expertise of each member. There may also be other fields in which they have a certain degree of expert knowledge. However, only those areas are listed in which full expertise and service in the broadest sense can be guaranteed, both technical and organisational.

Our public member list

AVC has much more members. Here we just list those members who wants to listed public.





Dobson, Howard
Imaging Research Consultant
6024 6th Line East
N08 18D Ariss Ontario

Consulting in resarch imaging - all species and all modalities, animal welfare regulations Canada and US
Dr. McCartney, Elinor
(Senior President)
Pen & Tec Consulting, S.L
C/ Ausias March 1, 4a planta D01 Office: +34-93-675-8015
08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona
T: +34-93-675-8002
M: +34-699-053-898
F: +34-93-675-8016

Regulatory affairs, EU regulations & EFSA guidelines, strategy, food & feed additive registration, technical writing, novel food registration, nutrition & health claims, training, event chairing & conference presentations.
Dr. Ishimbaeva Ivanov, Rimma
(Junior Vicepresident,Treasurer)
989 bis Route de Notre Dame Cidex 49
06330 Roquefort-les-Pins

Regulatory Affairs. Veterinary medicines, veterinary devices and feed additives regulations, GMP audit, Pharmacovigilance, registration / marketing authorisation, variations, renewal for EMEA zone, Russia & EAEU. Member of the EFSA Stakeholders bureau.
Velletti, Jörg
Würmtalstr. 161
81375 München
T: +49 89 44 9000 73
M: ++49 177 30 9 1960

If you have questions concerning the webpage, feel free to contact me.
Charlier, Johannes
Hendrik Mertensstraat 17
9150 Kruibeke
T: +32 0032 486 93 41 34

Scientific support in animal health: research: epidemiology, parasitology, economics, training, strategic collaborations
Dr. med. vet. Agostini, Alessandro
G.A.B.A. s.r.l.
Viale dell’Oceano Atlantico, 10
00144 Roma
T: +39 6 811 075 20 - 22
F: +39 338 671 53 14

Registration, IT, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trials, Safety
Dr. Lucian Gheorghe, Lup
Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, bl. 12, sc. B, ap. 4. Mun ,
503200 Fagaras Jud. Brasov,
T: +40740210791

Clinical trials, swine expertise
Dr. CRISTINA, Romeo Teodor
119, Calea Aradului
300645 Timisoara
T: +40 722 522 499
F: +40 256 277 140

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Development; Expert Reports (Efficacy, Safety), Pharmacovigilance; Technical Support and Training; Preclinical and Clinical Studies; Scientific writing & translations.
Cooper, Paul
Assentra Ltd
46-54 High Street
Ingatestone, Essex
T: +44 1277 353451
M: +44 7849 438284

Veterinary Medicines & Biologicals Regulatory Affairs, Regulatory Intelligence, Expert Reports (Efficacy, Safety), Pharmacovigilance, Technical Support and Training.
Dr. Blanch, Alfred
Addimus, Providing Trust, SL
C. Milà i Fontanals 80, Pral, 1
08012 Barcelona

Animal Nutrition, Feed additives, Intestinal Health consultancy
Dr. Schmidt, Holger
BioMedVet Research GmbH
Suedkampen 31
29664 Walsrode
T: +49 51 66 931 980
F: +49 51 66 931 9829

Safety and Efficacy trials according to GLP/VICH-GCP for veterinary medicinal products, biologicals, feed additives (own GLP compliant testing facility), pharmacology / toxicology
DVM, MS Ujimasa, Yuki
3-10-9 Oyamadai,
158-0086 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Regulatory consulting : registration of animal medicines, veterinary medical devices, in vitro diagnostic kits and feed addtives in Japan Regulatory affairs: Member of VICH Pharmacovigilance Expert Working Group and Electric File Transfer EWG Designated Marketing Authorization Holder (D-MAH) for Foreign AH manufacturers, Market Research, Strategic Planning, and Lecturer & Writer
Kiriukhina, Nina
2/6, Sevani str., ap. 44
2202 Abovyan
T: + 374 77 80 90 36
M: +7 917 555 0431

Regulatory advice (including in-house & written) on the circulation of veterinary drugs, and vaccines, feed additives in the Russian Federation and the EEU. Strategic advice on registration, preclinical and clinical studies, GMP inspections (the legislation of the RF and the EEU)
O'Rourke, Declan
Ortec PV Consultancy Ireland
5, Cuala Road Bray
A98 Y2H5 Co Wicklow

Morillo Alujas, Alberto
Tests & Trials S.L.
Paseo San Juan Bosco, 13, entresuelo
22400 Monzón (Huesca)
T: +34 974 416 469
M: +34 655 854 765

CRO, clinical trials, nutritional trials, statistical studies, swine expertise, animal nutrition
Beuvry, Vincent
ORKEO Pharmacetical Development Immeuble Atlas
310 Rue de Vallon
06590 Sophia-Antipolis
T: +33 4 92 90 66 90
M: +33 4 92 90 66 99

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Development
Chick, Bruce
Bruce Chick Consulting
Burgess Street
PO Box 865 Armidale, NSW
T: +61427007403

Specialist interest in pathobiology and in particular parasitic diseases of production animals. Strategic advice on design and conduct of clinical studies, particularly for conduct in Australia or New Zealand
Dedet, Vincent
La Chouanniere, Le Cannee
35380 Paimpont
T: +33 2 99 07 87 13
M: +33 6 08 99 50 92

Scientific outreach and bibliographic awareness in veterinary public health, copywriting and editing scientific and commercial publications
Dr Fisher, Maggie
Ridgeway Research Ltd
Park Farm Buildings Park Lane
GL15 6QX St Briavels

Preclinical and Clinical Studies: data management, statistics, QA, Veterinary medicines, feed additives, diagnostics and biological products. Project management, safety and efficacy studies incl. data management & statistics, for Veterinary Medicinal Products, Feed Additives, diagnostics and other biological and biotechnical products incl. novel therapies. Studies to VICH GCP or GLP. Expert reports or DACS. Scientific writing.
Fuku, Eiji (Eddie)
2-21 Ichigaya-Nakanocho Shinjyuku-ku
162-0064 Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo
T: +81-3-5366-0308

Regulatory consulting : AH registration, Feed additive designation, Veterinary medical device, In vitro diagnostics and Pet food labelling in Japan
Garcia Aranda, Oscar
Paseo de la Gran Vía, primero Izda.
50.006 Zaragoza
T: + 34 685 328512
F: +34 976 312753

Marketing, Licence/Distribution Agreements, Interim Management. Areas: Feed Additives, Animal Production, Animal Health
Hare, Jonathan
Telemark Veterinary Consulting Inc.
122 Allan St. Port Perry
L9L 1E4 Ontario

We provide assistance and guidance in a wide range of services, with a focus on: -Veterinary product development -Project management -GLP/GCP study design and monitoring -Quality systems design and implementation -Opinion leader recruitment -Business development -US/Canadian agent services for regulatory submissions
Dr. Hellmann, Klaus
Chief Veterinary Officer Geyerspergerstrasse 27
80689 München
T: +49 89 58 00 820
M: +49 171 7218954
F: +49 89 58 00 82 77 77
Skype: Dr.Klaus.Hellmann

European and global animal health product development incl. all aspects: Project management, regulatory affairs, safety and efficacy studies incl. data management & statistics, Electronic Data Capture, quality assurance for Veterinary Medicinal Products, Feed Additives and other biological and biotechnical products incl. novel therapies. Import, release of VMPs EU GMP compliant. Studies to VICH GCP or GLP. All activities in a quality management system certified to ISO 9001.
Holm, Anja E. H.
Central VetPharma Consultancy
Hauchsvej 7
4180 Soroe

Veterinary Drug Registration, EMA procedures, Oral Hearings, Referrals, MUMS, dossier content and List of Questions. VICH global development. DACS, safety & efficacy
Liège, Philippe
ANISTEME Biosciences
34400 Entre-Vignes
T: +33 467 67 24 52
M: +33 683 27 83 51

Veterinary medicines registration, Part III/IV expert reports, efficacy, tolerance, safety, residue and pharmacokinetic studies, statistical analyses, PK/PD modelling, GCP (VICH) clinical trials.
Dr Lloyd-Evans, Meredith
3 St. Peter’s Street
CB22 4RP Duxford,
T: +44 12 23 56 68 50
M: +44 776 776 6339

Regulatory affairs for animal-derived biomaterials; business-to-business links for strategic collaborations, product-finding and in/out-licencing in Europe to China, USA, Japan; advising on opportunities from biotechnology, circular bioeconomy (wastes-to-products) and therapeutic products from marine bioresources
Pobel, Thierry
C/.Los Betetas, 12 - 4° D
42002 Soria
T: +34 97 52 14 876
F: +34 97 52 14 193

Veterinary Clinical Sciences - Clinical Trials, Veterinary Medicines R&D, Veterinary Medicines Registration, Biostatistics
Richez, Pascal
42 chemin des Olivettes
34160 Saint Genies des Mourgues
T: +33 672 21 17 95

Study design and management for Veterinary Medicines/Feed Additive Registration Mathematical models in Toxicology, Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics (PK/PD), Benefit/Risk Assessment (Target Animals, Consumers, Users, Environment)
Rowan, Tim
Rowdix Ltd.
Folly Hall
YO62 4LW Cawton, York
M: +44 7825082170

Scientific & Clinical expertise for Product Development, Specialist in Pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, efficacy, safety, Animal Production
Sarasola, Patxi
ONDAX Scientific SL
Komentutxiki 28
20280 Hondarriba (Gipuzkoa)
T: +34 94 36 46 087
M: +34 659 939 586

European Clinical Trials in companion animals and livestock: proof-of concept, pilot and pivotal (VICH-GCP) studies. Clinical development, monitoring, data management (EDC), quality assurance, statistics and regulatory affairs
Scherkl, Rudolf
Atillastrasse 150
12105 Berlin
T: +49 30 756 59 498
M: +49 173 200 59 42
F: +49 40 380178 54668

Pharmacology/Toxicology. Veterinary Clinical sciences - Clinical Trials, Laboratory Investigations. Veterinary Drug R&D. Veterinary Drug Registration Many thanks to Dr Rudi Scherkl, who will act as AVC representative in future EC/EFSA Bee Health Meetings.
Schirvel, Christian
Vel-Vet Consulting
5 allée des amaryllis
F-69290 Saint Genis les Ollières
T: +33 621652926
F: +33 956158825

Schwer, Heidi
Vetmedico BV
Gaubergstraat 4
1570 Vollezele

EU Drug Registration,new Marketing Authorisation Application dossiers - Variations - dossier preparation & submission - safety & efficacy Good distribution practices - Responsible Person GDP Pharmacovigilance: EU-QPPV - LCP (Local Contact Person for Pharmacovigilance) - PV Audits - PSURs - PSMF - post-marketing surveillance
Soni-Gupta, Jyoti
41 Milltown Gate
Blessington, Co. Wicklow
M: +353 89 4499233

Veterinary Clinical Trials (VICH-GCP), Veterinary Drug R&D, Veterinary Drug Registration, Technical/Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance
Tasker, John
Independent Veterinary Consultant
4 Thorny Way, Highfields Caldecote
CB23 7ZE Cambridge

Clinical trials, Veterinary drug D&D, Veterinary drug registration, Pharmacovigilance, Scientific writing, Marketing and technical support
Vandaele (retired), Bill
rue G. Charlier 11.32
7500 Tournai

Previous expertise in EU regulatory affairs vet.medicines and feed additives Many thanks to Dr Bill Vandaele for attending EFSA Bee Health Meetings as the selected AVC Bee Expert until October 2019, & for his continued support to AVC
Verhoeve, Peter
Regivet BV
Broekstraat 4c
5688JW Spoordonk (Oirschot)
T: +31(0)499 577 903

Veterinary RA &RD including: - Complete Pharmaceutical Development (Part 2) - GCP trials (Cats, dogs, horses) - Expert reports Part 2, 3 and 4 - Drug Registration