Association of Veterinary Consultants

La Maison des Vétérinaires
10 place Léon Blum
75011 Paris, France

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1. History

The Association of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) was founded on 31st of May 1995 in Brussels at the initiative of Dr. W. Vandaele.

The initiative was taken for the following main reasons:

The first reason was that an increasing number of veterinarians started work as independent consultants in a variety of areas. Their activities were normally concerned with animal and public health issues in the broadest sense of the word, notably in regulatory affairs. However, an important number are involved in activities very much removed from these areas i.e. management and general business consultancy.

The second reason was that the emergence of independent veterinary consultants is a relatively new and unfamiliar phenomenon. It is however important that, as members of the veterinary profession they conduct their business in accordance with a mutually agreed Code of Practice.

The third reason was that the status of an independent consultant presents a number of general financial and social problems not well known to persons who have been working in government or private companies for most of their life.

A General Assembly is held annually when members have the opportunity of discussing issues of mutual interest at the Round Table Conference. These are wide ranging, reflecting the Members’ interests especially in veterinary medicinal products, feed additives, animal feed and nutrition, and, human food safety and production In addition, part of the General Assembly programme is devoted to scientific, technical or political issues with invited speakers.

In 2014, AVC moved from Belgium (VZW organisation) to Paris (ASBL organisation).

2. Code of Practice

AVC - Code of Practice [PDF]

3. Constitution

AVC - Constitution (English) [PDF]

4. Rules of AVC

AVC - Status (French) [PDF]


5. Places of General Assemblies

1995 Brussels, Belgium
1996 London, England
1997 Verona, Italy
1998 Cambridge, England
1999 Amsterdam,the Netherlands
2000 Munich, Germany
2001 Brugge, Belgium
2002 St-Malo, France
2003 Hondarribia, Spain
2004 Windsor, England
2005 Marseille, France
2006 Potsdam, Germany
2007 Lisboa, Portugal
2008 Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Rome, Italy
2010 Dublin, Ireland
2011 Sant Cugat, Spain
2012 Vienna, Austria
2013 Cannes, France
2014 Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Paris, France
2016 Belfast, N Ireland
2017 Milan, Italy
2018 Sitges, Spain
2019 Munich, Germany
2020 virtual
2021 virtual
2022 Toronto, Canada
2023 Nice, France

2024 Utrecht, The Netherlands (planned)