Association of Veterinary Consultants

La Maison des Vétérinaires
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75011 Paris, France

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Thinking of Joining Us?

If you are an independent Veterinary Consultant with a fully registered Veterinary qualification and involved in activities such as Advising:

  • Government Services or Research Institutes;
  • Companies associated with the Pharmaceutical, Animal Health, Animal Production, Food Safety or related industries;

then we could benefit you.


By informing the outside world of the existence of experienced veterinarians, we are able to provide independent expertise to industry, governments and other organisations.  This is done through AVC representatives attending Interested Party meetings, at organisations such as EMA and EFSA and meeting like minded people from across the industry.

We promote the acquisition and dissemination of published information concerning veterinary issues related to the members' declared interests and activities, including the action and use of veterinary medicinal products, feed additives, animal feed and nutrition and, human food safety and production.


Complete the Application and Code of Practice form, and email them with your CV to info@avc-eu.de

Please follow our step by step guide