Association of Veterinary Consultants

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The Association of Veterinary Consultants, the association of completely independent, self employed veterinary specialists

We aim at pushing veterinary support and science in the animal health and food sector by supporting global harmonisation of standards for animal health and animal derived products, assuring animal, user and environmental safety and other ethical principles as defined in the AVC - Code of Practice.

AVC is an interested party at the following organisations:

AVC representative change

Many thanks to Dr Bill Vandaele for attending EFSA Bee Health Meetings as the selected AVC Bee Expert until October 2019, & for his continued support to AVC & Dr Rudi Scherkl, who will act as AVC representative in future EC/EFSA Bee Health Meetings.

AVC General Assembly 2021

An AVC Virtual General Assembly was held in October 2020 and, due to continuing COVID-19 travel restrictions, our 2021 AVC General Assembly is also planned as a virtual meeting on 15 October 2021.